About us

CERAMART S.A a purely Greek company has given with its creativity new impetus to the art of pottery, introducing new technologies in production, ranking CERAMART S.A upon the leaders in Greek pottery production.

Our vision:

CERAMART S.A major instestments in the field of Ceramics  ensure competitive prices, new products, the best quality, aiming to maintain the first position upon manufacturers of clay pots, window box, ceramics etc. in Greece.

This rapid evolution, enabled CERAMART S.A to expand outside the Greek boarders with participations in major exhibitions in Europe, exporting a unique Greek product in many countries such as USA, Germany, France, Russia, Cyprus etc.

Our people, with modern and advanced thinking in management and sales, always offer to Greek consumers, new products in the best quality.

Our values are the foundations of corporate philoshopy

  • Quality products
  • Consistency and reliability
  • Respect for consumers and partners
  • Dynamism and continuous development and improvement

See below photos of our exhibition-premises:


103 Thrakomakedonon Av.
Acharnes, P.O: 136 71
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email: info@ceramart.gr